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Date: 13 December 1998
The Coming Christ (5)
        The wisemen saw the stars some years ahead of time and prepared their long journey in search for it. They make all sorts of preparation for their journey so that they will not be caught off-hand without provision or resources. They have thoroughly considered their risk and finally found it worth while in so doing. They set off not knowing where to go and how long was the journey.

        The shepherds in the field were astonished when they were visited by angels with good tidings. They did not make long preparation but they did make short and bold preparation. They did believed the angels and visited the baby Jesus in the manger.

The second most important opportunity is the investment of time. Just as in the saying:

"A little at a time, a mountain be in time"

though we do not know when Jesus is coming back, we should all the more get prepared day by day. Character building takes time so is faith building. In the end, it is the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb that matters (Rev 12 :11). No true testimony can be achieved in a short span of time. Testimony comes from experience. It took 30 years of experience before Jesus entered into ministry. In other words, it took 30 years to build His faith. It is that faith that can move mountains. Letís build our faith by serving Him diligently and faithfully. Let us make preparation like the wisemen but expect to be chosen like the shepherds.

Discuss: Do you have any testimony that can overcome the evil one? How to develop one?
Collect - Advent 4
Heavenly Father, who chose the Virgin Mary, full of grace, to be the mother of our Lord and Saviour: fill us with Your grace, that in all things we may accept Your holy will and with her rejoice in Your salvation; through Jesus Christ our Lord.
Date: 20th December 1998 
Time: 3.00pm 
Youth Cell Christmas Party 
Date: 26 - 27th December 1998 
Outreach to Cameron Highlands 
Christmas Programme (Highlights) 
Sun (20) YF Party  
Mon - Wed (21 - 23) I'll be Home for Christmas 
Thurs (24) Eve Dinner 
Fri (25) Open house @ 4.00pm Please look at notice board for details. Volunteers wanted. 
Prayer Items
  • Punjabi of India

  • Main Religion : Islam 
           Christian : 0.01% 
  • All Saints' Church, Puchong
  • Healing:-

  • Mark Ooi 
    Wong Pak Ying 
    Rev David Rajiah - Accident 
    Annie Goh 
  • Orang Asli Ministry
  • Christmas Programme
  • Young Adult Convention (16-19/1/99)
  • Diocesan Mission
Si Quis 
Ordination of Bro. Frank Lin Yoke Min as deacon at St. Mary's Cathedral K.L. on 6/1/99. 

Walkathon Card 
Those who have not return their card please return it before Christmas to the office. 

Please remind your godchildren to come for Christmas programme and service. 

Going for carolling 
On 21 & 22/12/98 at 6pm

Collected by 31/10/98 - RM71,501
 Christmas Day Service 25/12/98 (HC) 
 Speaker : Rev. Canon Ng Moon Hing 
Lay Readers: Michael Lim, Dr. S. K. Teoh 
P&W Team : Anthony Steven, Kelvin Lee, Catherina Yeoh,  John Sia, Won Tai Can, Goh Dicto, Jimmy Loke, Wong Yew Sing, Peggy Sia. 
Technician: Chin Pak Kooi, Cheah Soon Yik, Wong Tai Can 
Bible Reading : Psalms 98, John 1: 1 - 14 
Coffee Corner : E12 (Taman Golf) 
Cell Group on duty : E5 (Canning Garden)


22/12/98 (Tuesday) 2.30pm
Prayer Meeting will be held at Mrs Nancy Teoh's residence (sisters)

25/12/98 (Friday) 8pm
Prayer Meeting at St. Peter's Church

Basic Christianity Class 
(especially for Baptism / Confirmation) 
Saturday 4.00pm - (26/12/98) No class until 9/1/99 
Sunday 11.15am - Office (20/12/98) 
Monday 7.30pm  - Church (21/12/98) 
Tuesday 3.00pm - (22/12/98) No class! 

Today (20/11/98) @ 11.00am 
Youth Aflame Creative Discovery No class!

Christmas Eve Dinner (24/12) Thursday 
Place    : Red Crescent Hall 
Fees     : RM15/- per person 
Time     : 7.00pm 

Please get your cards from Mr. James Ong, Mr. Tommy Yeoh or Mr. Lee Sow Chong

This Week 20 Dec 98 (HC)
Speaker : Rev. Dr. Yeoh Beng San 
Lay Readers: Michael Lim, James Ong 
P&W Team : Anthony Steven, Catherina Yeoh, John Sia, Won Tai Can, Goh Dicto, Glen Loke, Tan Poh Kong, Yeoh Say Ee, Penny Chuah. 
Technician: Wong Yew Sing, Timothy Tan 
Bible Reading : Isaiah 7: 10-14,  John 1: 14-18 
Coffee Corner : E11 (Chateau Garden) 
Cell Group on duty : E4 (Wah Keong) 
SCG - How to understand the Bible?  
by Glen Loke 

(Monday) 21/12/98 
8.00pm - Learning Mandarin Class 
No class! 

9.00pm - (Church History) No class! 

Today - Children Class 
Time: 9.15am - 10.15am 
by Aunty Lim

Baptism & Confirmation
Those who would like to be baptised or confirmed, please get the forms at the church office and attend Basic Christianity classes if you have not done before. 

Please pray for those who will be baptised on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and 24 of January, 1999 

Baptism and Confirmation List
Next Week 27 Dec 98 (HC)
Speaker: Dr. S. K. Teoh 
Lay Readers: Mrs. Mary Yeoh 
P&W Team: Kelvin Lee, Peggy Sia, Steven Wong, Ooi Siew Hong, Catherina Yeoh, Anthony Steven, Glen Loke, Won Puei Kuen, Chin Yee Ling 
Technician: Wai Seng, Maha Morgan, Jia Wern 
Bible Reading: Isaiah 63: 7-9, Hebrews 2:10-18 
Flower Offering: Mr. & Mrs. Ong Chong Liang 
Coffee Corner: E13 (Taman Perak) 
Cell Group on duty: E6 (Young Adults)
Outreach Works
Christ Church 
Sunday Service: 8.00pm 
183A, Selasar Rokam 11, 
Pekan Razaki 
31350 Ipoh
Gereja Hallelujah 
Sunday Service: 8.00pm 
106-A, Lebuh Wing Onn 1, 
Taman Che Wan. 
Gereja Shalom Gopeng 
Sunday: 2.30pm 
7A, Jalan Wayang, 
31600 Gopeng. 
Tel: 05 359 6892
Gopeng Service 
Friday 3.00pm 
Venue: Daybreak, Gopeng 
Village Ministries 
Tues: Kuala Bikam / Jeram 
Wed: Chui Chak / Mambang Di-Awan 
Thurs: Cold Stream / Air Kuning 
Fri: Batu Dua Belas / Temoh 
Sat: Tanah Mas / Bidor Station 
Mambang Di-Awan Gospel Centre 
Sunday : 9.30am 
1733, Jalan Keli, 
Mambang Di-Awan, 
31950 Kampar 
Tel: 05 465 0807 
Orang Asli Outreach Villages 
Ulu Groh 
Ulu Kampar 
Sungai Raja 
Bukit Terang 
Dusun 100 
Pengkalan Daun
Badak Bernadam 
Batu Berangkai 
Kg. Sinju 
(Have you visited any of the above mission areas?)

St. Peter's Church
Christ Church
Shalom Church
Gereja Hallelujah
Mambang Di-Awan G.C.
Grand Total
Church Activities
English Service 8.45am 
BM Service 9.00am 
Chinese Service 10.30am
Morning Watch 6am - 7am 
YF Prayer Meeting 1.45pm 
Blessed Kids Church / YF 3.00pm
School of Christian Growth (SCG) 
Chinese Classes 9.00am 
English Classes 11.00am
Sister's Fellowship 
Tuesdays 2.30pm Prayer Meeting 
Church Prayer Meeting 
Friday 8.00pm
St. Peter's Church Ipoh
1-A, Fair Park,
31400 Ipoh,
Perak, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: 05 546 0444
Tel: 05 547 9576