Church Service......


English Service

9.15am - First Service (Holy Communion on every alternate Sundays).
 Venue : Main Sanctuary

11.00am - Second Service (with Contemporary music).
 Venue : BM Hall, Downstairs

Chinese Service

11.00am - Cantonese Service (after English First Service)
Venue : Main Sanctuary

8.00pm, Saturday - Mandarin Service
Venue : Main Sanctuary

Bahasa Malaysia Service

9.00am - First Service
 Venue : BM Hall

Sisters' Fellowship
Our sisters meet only on Special Meetings and Activities. They are the support ministry of the Church in many areas such as Food, Hospitality, Visitation, Prayers .....etc

Youth Fellowship
7.30pm, Saturday - Youth meetings are led by Youth President Bro. David Lim. At the present, the YF has adopted a name for its ministry team known as
'History Makers'
The whole idea is to
(i)  Equip the youths in the Word of God and to have an intimate relationship with Him
(ii)  Create unity and strong fellowship with one another.
(iii) Rise up more youth to serve the Lord.

3.00pm, Saturday - The regular activities are Bible Study, Dance Practices, Games, Outings, Evangelistic Rally.


Blessed Kids
3.00pm, Saturday
Formerly held on Sundays and known as Sunday School, St. Peter's Church has adopted this system of having the Sunday School to be held on Saturdays so that the children can attend Sunday service with their parents. Led by Sis. Kim Bee, the average attendance of children is about 80 each week.

The Blessed Kids have many events planned out for the children. Among them are the Lower North Archdeaconary Children Events, Easter Celebration, Children Bible Camp (which was known as JC Knight), Sports Day, Parents Day, Children Sunday and Christmas Celebration.

Regular teachers are Mdm. Chan Wye Yew, Ms. Lee Mun Cheong, Mr. Leong Kai Hoong, Sis. June Soong, Sis. Siew Yoong, Bro. Gerald Kong, Sis. Sook Cheng, Sis. Doreen Ong.

3.00pm, Saturday
Averagely 40 children gathered at the Conference Room under the leadership of Sis. Ding Siew Lan and her teachers: Sis Cheong Choy Lin , Sis Pheobe Yue and Sis. Wong Foong Thye. There are many exciting programmes.

The Sowers
Young Adult Mission Team
Leader : Sis. Chin Yee Wan
There are 2 cell-groups serving the Young Adults. Many meaningful and funfilled activities suitable for Careered and Working Young Adults.

School of Life Development
9.30am English Youth Class(Equipping)
9.30am Chinese Adult Class
11.15am English Adult Class

7.00pm English Class (Theology)
7.00pm Chinese Class
3.00pm Chinese Class (Basic Christianity)
8.00pm Chinese Class (Basic Christianity)

9.00pm BM Class (Theology)
2.00pm Chinese Youth Class (Equipping)

Prayer Meeting
Prayer meeting is led by Bro. Michael Lim, every Friday night in the church. Average attendance of weekly meeting is 35. Every first Friday of the month is a fasting day. Besides the Friday night prayer meet, there is also a prayer meet in the church on Sunday mornings at 7am.

Prayer Meetings includes monthly combine churches prayer, healing service and leadership training.